Smart Vision programmed TeacherLink system for the teachers to help them keep up with the technological development
  • Teachers are able to understand the brain of their students and transfer them to a beautiful experience that they live quietly without any pressure
  • With the technological development, it is necessary to keep pace with modern technologies and e-learning has become the prevailing trend, as the majority of teachers depend on it, especially with the Corona epidemic which has become seasonal
  • TeacherLink provides you with many assessment tools and gives you the ability to receive continuous feedback from your students about their understanding of the subject, and also allows you to stay in touch with your students outside school hours in order to exchange resources, videos and ideas for the curriculum
  • You have a wide variety of resources such as video texts, presentations, and tests that you can use to adapt your teaching methods to your students' learning styles, and this will create a challenge for you to become more diverse and creative in order to attract the attention of your students.
  • Teacherlink allows the student to pay online, as well as there will be an account for each student with all financial transactions, and thus you will organize all your financial matters for you as a teacher
  • You are always allowed to develop and create materials according to your schedule. You can also review all the educational materials that you have saved on the system whenever you like because they are stored on TeacherLink.
  • It contributes to improving communication between teachers and parents, and this provides greater transparency for parents regarding how their children are prepared for study
  • It saves time you don't need to go to such a place a day, and you will also escape from the traffic jams in which a lot of time is wasted every day. 



U.A.E Office:
Tel : +971 6 5315201
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P.O.BOX : Sharjah Saif Zone, UAE
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Egypt Office:
Tel : +202 - 24027488
Mobile : +2 - 0106 209 0029
Address : 10 Sadaqa St. Off Abbas Al-Aqad St., Nasr City, Cairo
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U.A.E Office:     Sharjah Saif Zone, UAE
Egypt Office:    10 Sadaqa St. Off Abbas Al-Aqad St., Nasr City, Cairo

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