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As professionals, we all understand that following up with our prospective, existing and former clients is important. The hope of course is that this will help us turn them into long-term, loyal clients that will keep coming back over and over and over again. And while most lawyers do some follow-up, most find it challenging to do it consistently.

And that’s where they begin to lose money (a LOT of money!) through lost leads and prospects, or former clients that lose interest, or even current clients that don’t feel they got as much value as they wanted.

So why don’t you follow up? Because it takes time, energy and can be a lot of work. But the biggest obstacle to following-up effectively is that it needs to be consistent and treated as one of the most important aspects of your practice.

As business and leadership advisors to lawyers and law firms, we specialize in helping lawyers streamline their practices so that they can have more time, less stress, and make more money today.
Here are our a "Law Firm Follow Up" System  for starting to create your own powerful client follow-up system.



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