Smart Vision IT solutions is the premier IT Company in Dubai, were reshaping and influencing the IT industry on a daily basis by providing world-class affordable services that cannot be found anywhere else in the Middle East. In that reason, we take pride in keeping our customers happy.

Smart Vision IT solutions is a privately owned company located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates that was founded in 2006. Today, our company provides professional IT services to a multitude of small to medium sized businesses all over the region.

In addition, our company serves hundreds of additional clients by providing services such as web hosting, web design and development services, SMS services and professional networking solutions.

We have continually focused on our service while maintaining affordability, whilst consistently meeting the needs of all our clients and surpass their expectations.
Our customers and partners across the globe all can agree that we are truly the future of managed IT services in Dubai.

Headquartered in Sharjah, which is in a region known as one of the UAE’s leading regions in the high-tech sector. Additionally, the region is not prone to major disasters and is known to have one of the highest concentrations of skilled workers in the Middle East.

Smart Vision IT solutions also has additional presence in Cairo Egypt, servicing a multitude of local clients. When you have combined all of these unique factors, you can sit back and breathe, knowing that we have a portfolio of services giving you a competitive advantage.

Smart Vision IT solutions focuses on customer service, and it’s vitally important to us. We always ensure that you will communicate with helpful sales representatives, and knowledgeable customer service professionals who help you understand your requirements in full.

We also have many other professionals including network engineers, and business analysts who keep all of our clients managed services running smoothly.

Since the company was founded in 2006, we have experienced consistent growth and testimonials of satisfied clients. We have never utilised any venture capital, funds from outside investors, or bank financing, we have grown tremendously being entirely debt-free and profitable, so you can depend on us being around when you most need us. As a customer, you can be assured that you will be completely in the safe hands of the people you interact with every day.

It is not just about our overall company services which attract clients, it is the hard work and assurance to attain superior levels of customer satisfaction provided by our staff and team of experts who are dedicated to deliver solutions on time with no glitches in the quality and cost-effective.  

Make the right decision in this fast paced internet world. Hiring 
Smart Vision IT solutions is your first step! 



U.A.E Office:
Tel : +971 6 5315201
Mobile: +971 55 518 2198 / +971 55 915 3004
P.O.BOX : Sharjah Saif Zone, UAE
E-mail : info@esmart-vision.com
Website : www.esmart-vision.com
Egypt Office:
Tel : +202 - 24027488
Mobile : +2 - 0106 209 0029
Address : 10 Sadaqa St. Off Abbas Al-Aqad St., Nasr City, Cairo
E-mail : admin@esmart-vision.com
U.A.E Office:     Sharjah Saif Zone, UAE
Egypt Office:    10 Sadaqa St. Off Abbas Al-Aqad St., Nasr City, Cairo

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Egypt Location

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